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Finally, a Maskom post

Thursday, September 25th, 2008


plaridel facade


I knew there would come a time when I would have to talk about UP Mass Comm and an alumni homecoming of sorts, but I did not expect it to come this soon, only three years after graduation, and without anything really major to brag about (hehe). But yeah, I would have loved to go to this Saturday’s party, had my schedule permitted it. But alas, I have to settle for making badges to compensate for my upcoming absence.


I think my most vivid memories of Maskom were spent mostly here, underneath the Skywalk:


ilalim ng skywalk


The Skywalk is a hallway connecting the two Mass Comm buildings, and the space underneath it used to be a perfect hangout for smokers. (I don’t think they still allow that though) I first adapted the smoking habit in my freshman year, as passed on by my blockmate John (the last I heard, this guy is directing this year’s Live A.I.D.S.). Having quit the habit (seven months and counting) I guess I’d always associate smoking with college, after all.

A few months ago, I returned to Mass Comm as a favor for a friend who taught J109. I talked about, of all things, writing survey stories. Waiting for the class to start, I noticed how a lot has changed since I was a student, and mostly for the better, I mean, facilities-wise. Do any of the rooms still use electric fans, I wondered.

But yeah, the most glaring difference was that space underneath the Skywalk. For one, it didn’t contain smokers anymore. A part of me was glad, having found this new lifestyle of sorts. But of course, another part of me was a little sad – I kept looking for a face I knew, but I found none.

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the anniversary post

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

or, alternatively, isang taon na po kami! mantakin niyo yan! 

let me start this entry with this: (basta gets mo na yan diba?) 

Kumusta? (how are you?)
Sana ay nasa mabuti ka ring kalagayan. (i hope you are doing well yourself.)
Kanina, naisip kita ulit. (you’ve been on my mind and i can’t seem to get you out of it.)
Naisip ko, ang swerte ko talaga nagkakilala tayo. (and i thought, i’m really lucky to have met you.)
Siguro, malakas lang ako sa Itaas. (maybe the Universe just loves me.)
Pero tuwing naalala kita (but everytime i remember you)
Napapangiti ako (i smile like silly)
Napapasubok sumayaw (i even attempt some dancing)
Kasi wala akong mapaglagyan ng ligaya pag kasama ka (because being with you makes me overflow with joy)
Ang ganda mo e. Hihi. (you’re beautiful. *smaller shy giggle*)
Lalo na pag nakikinig ka ng mga imbento kong kanta (especially while you’re listening to my made-up songs)
O pag pinapagalitan mo ako kapag sumisipol ako (or whenever you admonish me for my stubborn whistling)
Gusto ko ring laging naririnig ang tawa mo (I could listen to your laughter all day)
Lalo na habang pinanonood mo akong kunyari nagsasayaw (especially when you’re watching me try to move as if i were actually dancing.)
Masulyapan ka lang solb na araw ko. (just a glimpse of you, and that would already make my day.)
Alam mo naman siguro yun diba (but i guess you already know that, right?)
Gusto rin kita. (i like you back.)
Gustong-gustong-gusto. (i really really really do.)


yesterday, i gave her this URL: (salamat kay eliza sa pag-proofread hehe)


wow. was that the longest year or what? :)

maskom ka? ako rin!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

news flash: the up college of mass communication’s alumni homecoming is set this saturday, sept. 27. (fyi i can’t go because of work BUT to make up for the absence i did make this nifty badge:)


proudly maskom


anyway, sir danny is inviting alumni-bloggers to blog about their maskom experience in time for the homecoming. for the rest of the badges and more about the up cmc online campaign, etc. check out sir danny’s post here.

ps. i’m from batch 2005 :) will be writing about maskom sometime within the week. :)  


the return of the comeback

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

remember this phone?

i got it back this morning. *does a happy dance* well, it was after a horrendous, horrendous queue at the nokia care center in glorietta, but the point: I GOT IT BACK.

anyway, when i got there, the guy a few numbers ahead of me was holding up the line unnecessarily because he was unusually irate about the briefness of his N72’s battery life.

kawawa naman si ate nokia na kinailangan pang tumawag ng back-up because someone either woke up at the wrong side of the bed or isn’t getting laid lately. jeeeez. for the record, the guy must be in his mid-fifties, must be a bit well-off, and um, bald. pero his bad luck with his hair line really doesn’t give him the right to lash out like that, right? Right.

turns out he’s been to the nokia care center at greenbelt and they haven’t been able to solve his problem. (yes, he was talking that loud) what he wanted: if you can’t fix it, just replace it, it’s under warranty anyway. so ayun, pinagpipilitan niya na 1) ayaw niyang iwan phone niya at 2) palitan na lang ang phone niya. which was WEIRD.

so anyway umiinit na rin ulo ko sa kanya (sobrang naaawa ako kay ate na naiiyak na ata dahil sinisigawan niya) so di ko na pinakinggan yung kung anu-ano pang sinabi niya, but he exited the kiosk with this lewd smile on his face, i almost stuck my foot out just so i could give him a concussion.

anyway, i didn’t. when it was my turn, i made it a point to smile, as if to say, “I come in peace.”

me: ano kayang meron ngayon ano at ang iinit ng ulo ng mga tao?

ate: oo nga ma’am, kahapon pa maraming irate customers.

me: ah malamang dahil bilog ang buwan.

ate: talaga?

me: oo, tingnan mo mamayang gabi.

and with that i tested my phone and got out.

a reconstruction

Thursday, September 11th, 2008


so it has ended. begun. ended. whatever. so now i’ve redesigned my main splash page here, now i can go on to other projects.


[/end dork]

anyway. yes i password-protected the thing! will repost in multiply. hihi. xoxo.

Protected: coup de grace

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

in defense of insect chalk

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

this morning while andrea and i were having her breakfast, we noticed a column of ants disappear into a small dot of a space near the ceiling. so promptly, i got a chair and traced the ant column with an insect chalk all the way to the dot. yes, i killed the ants by crushing them. with insect chalk.

so i wondered, is that how insect chalk really worked? because i could accomplish that with regular school chalk, or with my slipper, for instance.

later this morning, while i was having my breakfast, i found what’s left of the ant army (about twelve, fifteen of them - i counted, yes) huddled close together. so i took out my insect chalk, drew around them and waited.

so the ants dispersed and stepped onto the insect chalk lines. and believe it or not they started looking as if they were dizzy. no, seriously - they were shaky. and so i waited and watched some more.

fact: this was how an ant would die by insect chalk–

1) they step on insect chalk track

2) they walk around aimlessly - not in a line anymore

3) after a while, they stay put

4) they don’t move

and finally:

5) they let go of the wall. and fall.

i was standing there sipping my coffee when i saw this ant just disappear from the wall. it was kinda sad actually.

but at least now i know insect chalk does work.