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Thursday, July 24th, 2008

times like these, i wish i could:

  • smoke.
  • revert to stress tabs.
  • or both.

as you may have already figured out by now, i have a very addictive personality. that is, i seem to always have to have something to be addicted to, in, with — just something. (and you know it’s not prepositions.)

it’s just that… it’s too tiring to have to get through stressful days without nicotine. or rice. or nicotine AND rice. but mostly just nicotine. sometimes really i just don’t get it. the last time things were horrible, like, hair-tearing horrible, like, where is the rest of my time-horrible, it definitely wasn’t within the past five months. therefore, the smoking was still there.

but i’ve taken myself through 134 days. hay. i admit, having quit smoking thus far has somewhat boosted my confidence — of the “i can quit smoking = i can do anything!”-variety.

but sometimes you feel like you just have to hit someone, i guess. or kick something really hard. or run until something starts hurting. just something.

i feel like i haven’t been doing anything else other than work these days. it’s not like i don’t have time for myself - wait, scratch that, because can you actually count sleeping and staring into space whenever i’m not as work as ‘time for myself’? this is just not me. i can’t even write anymore. the thing is, i live two blocks away. if you’re going to say something like it’s impossible that i don’t have time, i’d say the same thing — this is utterly impossible.

but the thing is this - it’s 10 p.m., an hour past my usual off, and i’d just finished half of what i’m supposed to do for SIM. i’m off my game, i’m taking too long. and i am actually worried i’d have to be here for monday’s SONA. i miss futsal. and my good eyesight. and having time to write fiction.

i miss going home late — but not because of work. i miss beer until morning and my wayward ways, to a degree. hah. videoke na nga lang.


Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

the dark knight

clearly, heath ledger is a runaway winner. sorry na lang sa lahat ng makakalaban niya sa awards this year — i could already see him racking up posthumous awards for this one. unforgettable and scary.

want to know how i got these scars?

shiver, man. shiver.

* * *

neck-deep into work. for some reason, things feel a bit tighter than usual. hmmm. read through the president’s state of the nation address last year. a litany of names, mostly.

on other news:

  • oil prices are still spiking, but the peso’s doing a bit better day by day.
  • inflation’s expected to breach 13 percent by october.
  • i am trying to lose weight by the end of the year.
  • we’ve been together for ten solid months.
  • i’ve been cigarette-less for more than 5 months now.
  • i can’t write anything other than what is necessary, which is sad.

communion and options

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Caught an interesting replay of “Straight Talk” on ANC, a show hosted by Pia Hontiveros, the other day. The topic of the debate: The controversial reproductive health bill. Her panel of guests featured Rep. Janette Garin of Iloilo, who solely defended the bill against a representative from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines and former BIR head Liwayway Vinzons Chato.

Things came to a head earlier this week when a bishop announced that solons who endorsed the bill should not be given communion because supporting the bill was immoral because it endorsed abortion. Garin, a medical doctor by profession, reiterated that the bill also condemns abortion and that the use of contraceptives was not equivalent to abortion.

Of course, we all know the Catholic Church has always opposed artificial methods such as the use of condoms and pills, among others. The government, despite the supposed separation of Church and State enshrined in the Constitution, has refused to take a progressive stance on population control.

What is even more shocking is the fact that, apparently, the Church believes that the Philippine population is actually decreasing, thus there is no need for population control, much less family planning. I regret not having taken out my phone for a quick picture; I really should have taken a screen grab of that quote when it was flashed on ANC the other day.


usapang vm

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

eto ang maayos na dayoff activity: tapusin ang veronica mars season 2!

feature quotage! (spoiler alert) 


usapang sweldo

Friday, July 11th, 2008

ngayong panahon ng krisis, isa sa mga pinakahihintay na araw ang araw ng sweldo. which is kahapon for workers na 10-25 ang pag-inog ng buhay, ganyan. pero ganito ang usapan sa opisina the morning after (which is today):

cy: sweldo na pala kahapon!

schatz: oo pero parang di ko man lang naramdaman.

me: parang binulungan ka lang no.

cy: naholdap* ka rin?

schatz: oo eh.

me: o sweldo wari’y isa kang bulong.

cy: parang teller ka lang ng bangko.

lawrence: pasok sa isang bulsa, labas sa kabila.

*holdap: slang for, na-raid ng mga magulang.

hang over

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

sentenaryo daw ipagdiwang. ayan. yay.


bakit ba tuwing wala akong pera saka ako nagkaka-urge na bumili nang kung anu-ano? kesyo gusto ng bagong cell phone, ng bago at mas maliit na laptop, ng iPod touch, ng pen tablet, ng bago at mas malaking USB (na naman), ng digital SLR, etc etc

hala sige gutumin mo sarili mo kate. sige.


inflation at 11.4 percent in june. ibig sabihin ata kung dati P100 lang ang isang bagay, ngayong P111.4 na. maryosep. hmmm. world oil at $145. peso back at P45:$1. minsan nananaginip na ako ng business graphs e.

buti wala akong kotse.

sana me dollar ako na pwedeng palitan.