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la union weekend: a summary

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

ohlala -- lolo sa la union!

photo taken by almi @ sebay, san juan, la union

eto lang ano, isang panawagan: melawrence, ano ba, si lolo nakarating sa la union, ikaw missing in action pa rin. asan ka na ba?


if money were no object

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

condenast traveler is love. 


ways of commemoration

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

lately, i’ve been doing a little something for my dad - it’s a video of sorts for their upcoming reunion. when i say their i mean my dad’s navy batch. it was 1977 and the scanned photographs are either sepia or black and white. his good friend tito jun had compiled them and his daughter summer had painstakingly scanned them one by one, then she uploaded ALL of them to a secret multiply account (friendslocked, sadly) so i could get them and lay them out in a windows movie maker slideshow with noel cabangon in the background.

originally, i was working with the original version of “too young” but it was a tad bit short at 2 and a half minutes. i never really looked at as in looked at the photos, minding mostly only their durations.

but when i shifted to kanlungan, i started seeing them: snatches of the young men in their old versions, and hints of the future in the younger faces. my father looked like krista and wy, most especially like wy, around the ears, mostly. makes me feel like i’m adopted. haha. but to see my father young once. it was surreal.

one these days, i thought as i rendered the video, one of these days, i’ll be doing something like this with more familiar faces.

sigh. tomorrow marks my third year out of college.

ilang taon na lang.

a house of endless summers

Friday, April 18th, 2008

1. A house

It was nearly noon when I reached the familiar bend, and there it was – the house where I grew up in, also known as the house where I did not live anymore, standing right there, right where it has been for the last few decades.

It could be said that perhaps this house and I indeed grew up together. My family moved here from a rented house in Sucat two years after I was born. Back then it was just a small house with two rooms. Back then, I was an only child.

The house started expanding as our family started growing. My sister came two years later. My mother was a chemist, my father was a pilot, and they each had a sort of idea of what their dream house was. They added a terrace for my mother’s orchids and a foyer for my father’s tools. They extended the house the other way to accommodate a fully-tiled kitchen and the maid’s quarters, and made a garage that could accommodate two cars.

For a while I thought it would never stop growing, the house. On top of all this, in 1993 my mother bought a seven-foot white Christmas tree. I’d never felt smaller.

It was only when my mother died a decade later that the changes stopped coming.



Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

dapat umuuwi ako nang mas madalas. nung linggo, naghahanap kami ng pagupitan ni auntie sa metropolis nang mapag-usapan namin yung pinsan kong doktor.

auntie: si ano, si ate mo michelle*.

ako: aling ate michelle?

auntie: si ate michelle ni auntie emma* mo.

ako: ah. bakit ano meron?

auntie: kinukulam daw siya ng best friend niyang babae.

ako: (insert taas kilay ko dito) ows?

auntie: oo kaya. hindi raw makahindi ate mo sa kaibigan niya. at nagagalit pag umaalis ng bahay nila si ate mo. pati daw nanay nung kaibigan, nagagalit.

ako: (suspicious) ayan na naman kayo eh. magkarelasyon yang dalawang yan!

auntie: (insistent) hindi, tinanong ko ate mo mismo, sabi niya friends lang daw sila!

ako: (rolls eyes) ows.

auntie: chaka me boyfriend daw yung kaibigan niya eh.

ako: (rolls eyes again) ay talaga lang ha.

auntie: tsaka kilala ang pamilya nilang ganun. (by this, she meant witchy lineage)

ako: ganon?

auntie: oo, ganun.

ako: haha ang kulit.

auntie: (natahimik) ano nga uli buong pangalan nung girlfriend mo?

ako: che.

so anyway. you know what this means? family gossip time means rumor-fleshing-out time!