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2007 in retrospect

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

yes, i am so doing this before my birthday because by tomorrow, i’m outta here. =) see you next year, kids. ♥


not a christmas story

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

a few days ago, she was telling me about that one time one of her former employers hosted an event where her assignment was to stamp passport-like booklets carried around by participants as part of some promo, i think. of course, she being who she was, she absolutely loved her assignment.

i was like, “so when was this? 2003? 04?” most of the time, i’m of the belief that i should’ve been in her life earlier, etc. “i should have been there.”

and what would you have done, she asked.

“i would have flirted with you.”

“really? like how?”

stumped. “um.” really, i’m all bark, no bite. i don’t flirt. i flirt horribly, if ever i try at all. “i don’t know. maybe ask for more stamps?”


okay, as i said, i flirt horribly. i must admit that move would have merited intervention of men in uniform, but still, i thought, there must be some way that would have worked.

and so.

so my keywords are: star-shaped mole, stamps, security forces.

And so, for this Christmas: A story involving all three. Oha. not really christmas-related, but yeah.

(so um in the end, it doesn’t really work, *work* but can’t say i didn’t try to see the girl through it.)


roads home

Monday, December 24th, 2007

the road i'm on

i took this photo this morning before leaving for work. i was standing in the middle of the street where i’ve spent most of my childhood years. it was a little past 9 a.m., and my father was still fixing the car’s flat tire (merry christmas nga hehe), so i pulled out my phone and took a shot.

i called andrea just to ask, wow is it just me or has the street gotten smaller through the years? i remembered how the edges of our “play areas” had been marked by concrete humps.

and now there i was, standing in the middle of the road, and all the humps were all too near.

because they come in threes

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

who would’ve thought things would go this far eh? i love you.

(pagpasensyahan ang nagmo-monthsary lang.)


christmas week

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

the downside of working for a daily is that there are no holidays. since the newspaper comes out everyday. except of course on the two sacred days of maundy thursday and good friday, which are absolutely the only days in the year the newspaper rests as a whole. (sagrado kung sagrado — outing na yan!)

oo holy week yun (or sabi nga ni schatz, holy-ween - pwede rin, extreme case ng holiday economics lang). ibig sabihin nun me pasok ng pasko at new year. but since uso naman ang shifting dito sa office, it’s either you report for work just on christmas or just on new year. this year i opted to report on christmas and to go on break on new year, isabit ko na birthday ko.

anyway. the PERKS of working in a daily is that everybody’s festive. really, seriously, festive. and when i say festive, i mean christmas parties every single day since the 17th. no, seriously. well, except thursday, which i had designated as a rest day for my liver but yeah.

so, by way of summary:


usapang pasko

Friday, December 14th, 2007

naglitanya na ng mga “gift suggestions” for christmas ang bunso kong kapatid na si wy.

fast facts:
full name: wilmer angelo
age: 10 11! 11 na pala ang kapatid ko. [/edit]
age he speaks like: 18


usapang health

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

scene: sa editorial pool. tahimik akong kumakain ng binigay sa akin na unidentified food object from korea ni tere (lasang mani, so i guess.)

managing ed: (sees me in the middle of a snack in the middle of the night; in trademark hoarse voice) YAN! wag kang maguilty na kumakain ka. basta after, you run! you exercise! it’s good for your body!

me: (?wtf?continues eating) yes sir.

editor in chief: (walks slowly toward managing ed) who are you preaching to?

managing ed: (gestures to the entire pool) sila, sabi ko lang mabuti sa katawan ang exercise at sports!

eic: (looks at me) bakit? ang laki na ng pinayat ni kate ah. she’s lost a lot of weight. di ba kate?

me: (swallows last of snack, smiles) sabi niyo po eh.

managin ed: YAN! yan ang maganda kate, mamimili ka ng kausap!

me: (laughs) natumbok niyo sir.

at least consistent si ma’am. i remember that other time, i handed her a request and then she reached over to touch my tummy, saying, “Ang laki na ng pinayat mo ah.” hahaha. classic priceless moment, promise.

hmmm. this is kind of weird as i never (as in never) get any of these comments truthfully. (the only other person who says i’ve lost weight is andrea, understandable because she is, after all, the girlfriend. not that i don’t believe the things you say, chief. <3 you get what i mean.) now i'm not sure whether to be flattered that i am thinner or concerned in retrospect: was i really that big before? haha.

not that i’m figure-conscious, because hello, ako? figure-conscious? nakakatawa lang siguro na me nakakapansin. hehe.

love in a time of melancholia*

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Or, alternatively, parang may sakit lang. with apologies to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

“That it will never come again is what makes life sweet”

–Emily Dickinson


the art of surprises

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

it pretty much summed up what the past year has been all about - surprises, mostly. months of sneaking around behind the backs of people, planning parties clandestinely with a horde of all-too-willing cohorts.

the funny thing is, even when you had already been a part of the conspiracy countless times before, when you’re The It-Girl, you just NEVER KNOW. it’s amazing how oblivious i could get at times really (lalo na during really bangag times).

and this time, it was a day full of trillanes-related news on ANC. so yeah, oblivious much. and just exactly how much?

take this. the moment curfew was announced, cy said something about “a gimik in makati” — and i did NOT prod. (i just sulked in silence as to why cy did not tell me anything huhu)

turns out the gimik was… at my place.