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a hiatus, again

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

after a long while, i am actually looking forward to visiting and cleaning my mother’s grave this coming all souls/all saints day long weekend. hay. it’s been a while since i was last at home for more than 20 hours. i look forward to oversleeping in my parents’ room and watching cable (!!) television and pigging out to auntie’s “home cooked meals” and drinking with my cousin mark and clandestinely smoking in our terrace haha.

basically i just miss home.

mom, i’m coming home.

so this means i’ll be out of coverage area (read: off the internet, ym, lj, facebook (i know!), etc) for the next few days. which means i’ll also be away from office friends (sniff) and chief (sniff harder) for the next few days. so. you know my number. text me. hehe.

meantime, i leave you with my latest photobooth project — a wallpaper! (gasp) ang adik lang e.

to those who’d have long weekends, have a safe one.


this life in black and white

Monday, October 29th, 2007

for some reason, i love black and white photographs. not that i hate color. i love color.

but i just really really love black and white photographs.

[warning: massive photoshopped camwhorage under cut]


a debut

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

i used to think my face would only grace the newspaper pages in the event that i get involved in high-profile crime or something.

so you can just imagine my reaction upon seeing irene’s 2bu article on indoor football today. (somehow, looking at the photograph, it feels like i was involved in crime anyway. hehe.)

cheers, darling. this one’s for keeps.


the art of mixtapes

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Or, alternatively, the October 22 entry

So I was thinking, I better have something nice for my October 22 entry, since it marks our first month together – we all know how crucial first months are, considering my last formal relationship barely made it past the 30-day mark hehe. So yeah. Congratulations, who would’ve pegged me for a long-termer huh? (snicker)

And so I finished this entry a couple of days ago, but somehow I felt like it lacked an extra something. So one morning, after coming home from a Silent B-movie tanders session with Rissa and Tere (hehe), it struck me – why not make a podcast out of this entry?

So that was what I did. It was 1 a.m. when I got out my jumbo headset that thankfully had a microphone (parang pang-call center lang!), then I set up my speakers close, so I could play and record the featured tracks (parang DJ lang – have I told you na kung di ako nagtrabaho sa diyaryo e gugustuhin ko sanang magtrabaho bilang DJ sa radio? Okay, overshare) and then I read the segments to the microphone in between tracks. Nifty huh?

It turns out that I sound horrible on record (there goes my DJ dream, I know) and that this definitely qualifies as one of the cheesiest things I’ve ever done in my 22 years, but what the heck. I have no shame. (Sorry, no uploading of podcast, for her ears only – I know, such a tease, but yeah.)

But know that I am as a matter of fact uploading the transcript, plus a zipped file of all the tracks. Yun nga lang, you won’t hear me singing along. Haha.

Chief, chief – Haha wala lang. Tsup. ♥


a greeting

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

sa wakas magagamit ko na rin sa isang blog post itong photo na ito (c/o tita rissa, salamat):

ninuno ng lahat ng videoke shots
wouldn’t you think i’m the girl…
the girl who has everything?

walang papalag. happy birthday cois!

a morning conversation

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

nakakamiss ang mga ganitong post. hehehe. 

Setting: alas-onse ng umaga, bumisita ang mga magulang ko. Ipinagtimpla ko ang tatay ko ng kape at ibinigay kay auntie yung cake na binigay ni irene sa min last night. Thanks Universe sa instant snacks for parents.

Auntie: Umuwi ka ngayong weekend ha? Magshop tayo. Gamit GCs mo sa SM.

Me: (matter-of-factly) Gusto mong umuwi ako at ipagshopping.

Auntie: Ng bagong damit, pantalon…

Me: Ibibili mo na ako ng bagong full-length mirror? (smile)

Auntie: Pwede rin.

Me: At saka plantsa.

Auntie: Saka plantsahan.

Me: Yung kay Krista di niya ginagamit ata.

Auntie: O sige idaan namin dito mamayang gabi pauwi, hahakutin namin dun [sa Maginhawa] yun lahat ngayon eh.

Me: O sige, ibilin na lang sa baba, kami na lang bahala mag-akyat.

Auntie: Kami? Sinong kami?


the art of getting lost

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Or, alternatively, the art of non-maps, something that could come after this

taking off from another of cois’ moving comments to previous post. stellar commenter, that dude. me loffs him to pieces. <3

now i don’t do poetry. let this stand as a warning. in college, everybody knows i took not one but two poetry electives, one in English and one in Filipino. imagine that, it took two electives for me to realize that i just. don’t. do. poetry. in either language. hahaha.

but yeah, i did enjoy the readings. after all, it was in my CW 120 Poetry I elective that i met Rilke, and the word enjambment. hehe.

so yeah. talagang me disclaimer agad eh.



Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Or, alternatively, the art of making maps, in ten parts

feature song share:
they don’t love you like i love you. -Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps 

i just don’t write when i’m happy, but since i am under strict orders to keep on going, here i am.

the whole map-cartography thing has been sitting on my mind for days, and on my hard drive for a few days more, unfinished for so long that i thought i’d shelve it in the end anyway. i was having this huge writer’s block that not even nicotine and caffeine could dissolve, and i’m like, oh god, this is it, i’m too happy to write.

turns out the equation just needed a little alcohol. hehe. and true enough, before i could even catch myself, things just started snapping into place and i just. feel. so. relieved.



Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

One of the things one would notice about Panglao would be how far the water got pulled back during low tide. Or at least, this was the image that stuck to me two years hence, the shore extending a few meters more, exposing sand bars and shells.

My sister, who later turned out to be some kind of scientific genius, attributed the tide to the moon. “It’s all about the moon’s gravitational pull,” she’d said, explaining the phenomenon to me, her sister who couldn’t quite remember science lessons from ten years ago.


the art of cosmic

Monday, October 1st, 2007

I had never been so fond of anything astrological before. Sure I do believe in the moon and the stars and the signs, but never to this degree, where every omen is a message, and every coincidence some kind of key.

Lately I’ve been on the look out for signs – my horoscope in three newspapers (This is a good day for research!), messages from the Universe at 4 p.m., the lines on my hands. I even tied my behavior to the waxing and waning of the moon.

She knew palmistry, and she’d read my hand twice before. The first time, feeling her too close to me, both my palms open and sweaty in her hands, her face close, eyes squinted – was there a way I could have remembered anything else, aside from this intimacy? I held my breath in hopes that my hands wouldn’t betray me, wouldn’t let her read what I really felt at the time, and who I really felt these feelings for.

“See here,” she traced lightly over my hand, fingertip electric. “This is your heart line.”
I let my breath out slowly so as not to shake. Could she make out her name, so lightly etched over it? Could she hear this heart almost breaking out?
All around us, there were lights dancing over our heads, and there was music pounding against our ears. Maybe that was how she did not see, how she did not hear.