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the art of aunts

Saturday, September 29th, 2007


auntie, dramang lost lang (summer 2007)
believe it or not, this lady is over 40.
happy birthday auntie!


the art of happy endings

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

a.k.a. the art of happy starts as well

Cosmic is you and me, chief. Better get used to it.



the art of brothers

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

i woke this morning to the sound of a reminder’s alarm going off: today is my brother’s birthday.


taken in zoobic this summer
i’m a complicated boy. (pedroso, w. 2007)




Thursday, September 20th, 2007

a.k.a. The September 21 entry, one day early.
feature CNS-ripping soundtrack: Soraya - Suddenly.

well. before we go insane with the necessary martial law remembrances at work, there is this. i was in the middle of writing something completely different, taking off from a recent conversation she and i had about wanting to be the kind of college friends who could afford not talking for a long time but still slip into comfortable conversation during reunions. she had not consented. at this point, i am sorry but i could not give more.

anyway. i was in the middle of something like that when i came across this image, kiteflying. so i chucked that old entry and opened a new Word document.

and here it is.

ps. by way of respect, i point you to my entry exactly one year ago. let me sit back and marvel at how far i’d come.


the art of firsts

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

I loved you first. – regina spektor

This is how grown-ups do it – they wait for their bosses to leave and plug an old game in. The game for the night was Digdug.

“I suck at Digdug,” says my friend, hand on joystick, eyes glued on the screen. “I never seem to get these damned… What are these things anyway?” she asks with a slap on the thigh as her character, a short, pixelized boy with a pump as a weapon, sort of dies after being charred by a fire-breathing green thing.

I squint at the screen. “I think that’s an alligator.”

“That breathes fire?”

“Okay, a dragon.”

“And those other things?”

I squint harder. “I have no idea.” The character is resurrected and I grab the console. “Darling, the key,” I begin, drilling appropriate holes through which my character could pass, “Is to get there first” – seeing a bit of strategy, I threw the pump at the Enemy, and then I pushpushpush until… POP. “And nail the beasts.”

“Get there first. And nail ‘em,” she repeats thoughtfully. I nod absently, at first too engrossed. Get there first. Throw the pump and nail ‘em. Get there first, throw the pump, and nail ‘em. Get there first… “Fuck!” Just like hers, my character dies in the hands of the fire-breathing green thing, the flame getting to me first before I could even unleash my weapon. “Fuck.”

“Get there first,” she just says again, taking the console from me. “As with everything, right.” Beat. And then, “Man, that is so emo.”

“I *know*,” I just say back, eyes wide.



the art of first times

Monday, September 17th, 2007

ay hindi emo ang post na ito.


dahil nanalo ng championship ang UP PEP SQUAD kahapon! (oo na, loser pero first time kong manood ng UAAP cheering competition sa Araneta. at wala pala akong UP shirt. nakakaiyak.)

kaya picspam na lang. hehe. salamat kay tita ruthie for scoring the tickets at sa wonderful UST friends for not killing me for sitting in their gallery. :) (more…)

the last time series

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

a series of lasts. 


By the time I am writing this, it would be six, seven years later.


ang sining ng tunay na laman

Friday, September 7th, 2007

O di kaya, “Karnalan”

Paunang salita: Minsan isang bangag na gabi sa aking ultimate bachelorette pad a.k.a. kwartong maliit, napunta ang usapan sa pagsusulat ko sa Tagalog.

“Wala akong kwentang magsulat sa Tagalog,” sabi ko.

“Sayang no, August pala ang Linggo ng Wika. Maganda sanang isulat sa Tagalog yung tungkol sa Tunay na Laman.”

“Tunay na laman!”

“Oo di ba, ang Sining ng Tunay na Laman!”


“Kunyari na lang pang-Linggo ng Wika, na-late lang!”

“Ano ba, sabihin ko na lang, Linggo ng Aking Wika, e di solb.”

Ayun. Para sa Linggo ng Aking Wika, aking itina-champook (inside joke) ang Sining ng Tunay na Laman.

(puwang para sa mga tambol dito, pakiusap)


i go soft in septembers

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

earlier this year, i wrote something about a movie called loving annabelle, a film about this student and this teacher and this affair.

yesterday, a totally petix, domestic sunday, i tried re-watching the whole thing while waiting for my laundry to dry. i got as far as this scene where simone reviews photographs of amanda before getting a little emo (hahah if this were test 1 i think i kind of failed it.) and so skipping to the bonus features section, i found this image. *points to header*

standard disclaimer: header image features erin kelly and diane gaidry as annabelle tillman and simone bradley. the movie is by katherine brooks.

hello rilke, hello photoshop. hello september, i am ready for you.