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the art of death (by awkward)

Monday, August 27th, 2007

preferred CNS-ripping soundtrack: Melanie C. feat Left-Eye – Never be the same again.
inside: mothers, honesty, and deep introspection of the slightly unhinged variety. Five pages of wandering, it’s amazing how i eventually got to the end of this.

anyway, i actually finished this a few days ago, but when i woke up the following day (read: five hours later) and re-read it, i thought, oh god i couldn’t stand up for this, or at least, not yet. so i tried the following morning, still no go. and even the morning after that. and the morning after. (just so you know how long this sat in my hard drive)

but then yesterday, i went back home to my parents for my staple once-a-month get together with my father (who’s in bohol more often than he is at home really), and then i got a haircut and a new phone (finallyyyy) — two activities which deserve entirely different blog entries altogether.

and so. in the middle of erasing 1,975 messages from my inbox last night (OH YES), i figured, hm. if i could do this now, i could do anything.

and so. um. here.

If love is surrender, then whose war is it anyway?
–frou frou, ‘psychobabble’


the art of bicycle rides

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Or, alternatively, the best metaphor I could think of.

some stories just have beginnings, and that was exactly all i had — a worst-case scenario, the first few paragraphs. on normal nights, i would have left it alone, slept through it and forget it in the morning.

but then something happens and suddenly you’re right in the middle of it, and then it starts feeling like it’s writing itself.

this one is somewhat the result of supernatural events, it may have not been mine.

[edit] disclaimer: flattered as i am by comments saying this felt too real, i must confess that actual similarities to real people, circumstances and events portrayed here are purely coincidental. this is a piece of fiction. =)