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a hiatus

Friday, March 30th, 2007

i remember how i used to lose sleep on the eve of a family outing — the feeling of that irresistible childlike anticipation is utterly glorious. sometimes, all it takes is a whiff of coppertone off someone standing beside me on the metro train, and i’m back to being this ten-year-old who’s trying SO HARD to get some shuteye, only to end up awake all that while anyway. i remember how, just for that time, the sound of utensils in the kitchen at 4 a.m. sounded so welcome, because it meant FINALLY: food and sun and water and CHLORINE. (hahaha freak)

anyway. i’ll be away from here until friday. for a much needed recollection of self and reunion with family. hopefully i’ll be back with loads of (not so incriminating) photographs and sabaw conversations with siblings. and a tanline. *g*

so i leave you with a very summer-y song:

camera shy by the lucksmiths :: Here’s me in 1981 / Squinting into a sinking sun / Ankle-deep in the Pacific / In the foreground are my friends / Grinning madly at the lens / They look heliolithic

Again in 1993 / A Polaroid you took of me / In a long-forgotten loungeroom / A hand outstretched before my face / The nervous smile, the downcast gaze / I didn’t know myself around you

You seem surprised / And I see why: / You just realised I’m camera shy

So if it’s not too much to ask / Let’s just let the moment pass / I have no wish to be reminded / Of just how awkward I can be / Please don’t point that thing at me / Your eyes are widening behind it

You seem surprised / And I see why: / You just realised I’m camera shy

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone! :)

the art of seamless hooking up

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

alternatively, reasons why we never ‘gay’ with friends.

“The thing about plans is they don’t take into account the unexpected, so when we’re thrown a curve ball, whether its in the O.R. or in life, we have to improvise. Of course, some of us are better at it than others. Some of us just have to move on to plan B, and make the best of it. And sometimes what we want is exactly what we need. But sometimes, sometimes what we need is a new plan.”

-meredith, grey’s anatomy, s3.19

(heavy spoilage for latest grey’s, first three seasons of the l word, a little of buffy, and everything else.)


summers of our lives

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

again, i fell in love with michael tan’s column today: 

Summer’s an opportunity for travel, one of the most educational experiences one can have, whether learning about nature … or strawberry sodas.

Summer’s a time for firsts. Maybe because more people are around at home, we think we’ve caught the baby’s first words, first steps.

Summer’s a time of adventure, of new experiences, of daring. Summer’s when boys become men, and I mean circumcision although in times past, there may have been other more risqué rites of passage.

Summer’s a time for first love (OK, and second and third) or of reviving first love. Oh, but don’t we ever learn? For some, summer, too, can be a time for heartbreak, an end to innocence, but never mind, all that, too, is part of life.

hay summer. what are your favorite summer memories?

an actual conversation

Monday, March 26th, 2007

characters in convo: a 10-year-old kid and his 22-year-old sister.
topic: On massage parlors, etc. (conversation rated G. as in gago.)


libel, a review

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

In case you haven’t heard, after a Manila court issued warrants for the arrest of the Inquirer’s publisher, editor-in-chief, seven other editors and columnist Ramon Tulfo for five counts of libel filed by First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo (full story here), our editors had to go to the Pandacan precinct to post bail, slightly detained even as they waited for an order for their release. Hmm. Sabi nga ni Sir Gani, never before have they seen this kind of speed. 

Actually, the whole thing made me quite nostalgic (sadistically so) of our Comm 120 (Law and Mass Media) classes. (The professor under whom I endured this three-hour course is another thing altogether, so as much as I want to… no, I’m not going into that. hehe. *g* sayang no.)


Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines defines libel as such:

(san ka pa, this is a review.)


if you just *can’t* get what women really want

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

try breaking them down in terms of statistics — which was what cois did, asking around for three top desirable characteristics (for men) from a group of 45 women of various ages.

we should try this survey in all the possible permutations. i’d be glad to process data any given time.

(can you just imagine what i can do to all our wasak photos? hahaha.)

thanks, you can stop caring now

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

as with all my things, i started with this one nonchalantly. going through the motions, mostly. kind of indifferent, actually. looking back from a different perspective, i could say at first i had only been coerced by a really close friend i couldn’t say no to — of course, that wasn’t what i said when the elders asked me why i had joined in the first place, but really, i was young, cornered. i didn’t feel like i had the luxury to be honest. at that time.

fast forward to two years later. what should have i done to a dying thing? continue to be indifferent to it, as had been my status quo prior to the Great Cleansing?


art of controlled abandon

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

okay, still with the 300 hangover, really. header choice for march was pretty much a toss-up between the usual suspects — addison/alex, for one, and rachel shelley (because she really *really* deserves a month up there somehow), and well keira knightley BUT man, if you’ve watched 300?

you’d know lena headey would *so* win.

so anyway. quote is from paulo coehlo’s eleven minutes, verbatim. and of course, lovely lena header is from here. because she is gorgeous and well.

this is what days off are all about. (and of course, japanese lunches and a terrific conversation over tea with someone you haven’t met before.)


Thursday, March 8th, 2007

i hurt my hand today.

rather, this should be, early this morning. around 2:30 a.m. my girl friends and i, out drunk and dancing, a dark bar. my cigarette slipped between my pointer and middle finger, and i was kind of numb to notice quick enough. needless to say, i scalded myself, twin burns on two fingers.

i spent the day subsisting on, more or less, four hours of sleep — one per bottle of beer i had downed. (surprisingly, beer tastes better with oranges. completely off tangent, but now seems like a good time to insert a piece of advice) i woke up with my fingers sore. i ended up wrapping both fingers in matching band aids, and having difficulty typing and holding a pen all day. crap.

you never really know how vital a part of you actually *is* until, well, until one drunk wednesday morning you drop a fainting cigarette right between two fingers and burn yourself. stupid bad habits.

and so. two ugly band aids on my right - my stronger - hand. this is the hand i use for virtually everything and now i can’t even type without them sides of fingers brushing against each other and the friction is ouch.

don’t tell me i’m getting a little fixated, reason out, “Come on, it’s just a hand.”

the thing is this: i have a thing for hands.


beauty queens

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

really, i was thinking of producing something sensible and profound in the wake of the recent binibining pilipinas pageant — the only one i have ever dutifully tuned into in recent (gay) memory, btw — perhaps something about women and beauty and everything, but SERIOUSLY?

all i can think about right now is how SURREAL it all is, looking at tere now with the Bb Pilipinas-Universe sash, and remembering how, holyf, seven years ago WE HAD NO CLUE.

(did i just say seven years ago? man, we’re OLD.)

but then again, that’s not entirely true, is it? because people in that batch? at the back of my mind, i always somehow knew we were made for great things *g*

(waxing sentimental photo under cut, of course.)