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teh question

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

today, i share something from 2bU:

“What is it with people and do-overs? What is it about getting and giving second chances that attract us so much? Why do we fall in love with the idea of returning to what is comfortable, familiar… flawed?” - Sarah Ang, Can We Still Be Friends?

of course, when you start as friends, evolve into something else and then it doesn’t work out, what do you do? throw away all that history? easier said than done.


your middle name’s trouble / i’m mad about you

Monday, February 26th, 2007

for god’s sakes why am i driving in the wrong lane? - “mad about you”, hooverphonic

and so. remember that panglao thing i was doing on valentines’ eve? i’d slaved over it for a little over a week, and it got out yesterday. and i really wish you could get a glimpse of how the arts department completely made the whole page more exciting with all those shell photographs, because seriously? the presentation is superb.

(and on a completely naive embarrassing note, i actually tore the page and posted it on our wall. because it’s our room and krista likes it too. seriously. no, basically it’s so my parents see it when they visit. no, really.)

anyway. i’ve been everywhere doing everything (well, not exactly everything) from absorbing other people’s love lives and tragedies (spreads the hugs) and getting drunk and hoarse and attending baby showers (hehe). so yeah, work may suck but at least my social life’s intact.

on a different note: oh. god. (won’t elaborate)

but i’m a cheerleader

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

so it has come to my attention that…

scene: sa kfc sa kanto ng vito cruz at pasong tamo, lunch time. i met up with my parents to sign a few bank-related documents, yada-yada.

auntie: palaro pa nga nina wylo ngayon. sayang di ako makakapunta.

me: (lights up) talaga? ano sport niya?

auntie: cheerleading.

me: (huh?) excuse me?

auntie: cheerleading nga. naka-jogging pants naman. (inserts phrase as if it’s going to make me feel any less weirder) siya nga lang nag-iisang lalaki. lahat ng kasama niya, girls.

me: what ever happened to tug of war?

auntie: tinatanong ko nga siya e. ‘Bading ka ba?’ ang sagot naman lagi, ‘Di ako bading no!’ sabi ko nga okay lang eh kung sakali…

me: auntie! masyado pang bata yan to have formed a definite notion of sexuality! (holds back comment about discovering gayness at 18 because it’s 12:45pm and will risk being late for work)

auntie: sabi kasi niya, mas gusto siyang kasama ng mga kaklase niyang girls. kasi hindi siya tulad sa ibang boys na makulit.

me: (impressed) in the event that he is not gay, he’d be a great catch huh.


it must be the gasoline

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

scene: there’s gasoline in the early morning air.

rissa: walang definite moment e. bigla na lang, tsug. gusto ko na siya.

me: naku. tsug. yan ang tunog ng pusong nagkakamali.

(meaningful pause)

tere: pwede! ka-blog-blog yan!

sometimes i wonder where i get these lines. parang… heath hedger. (rissa, 2007) or, anumubako-girls. (c.2004)

we interrupt this program

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

just dropping by to say, hi blog, i’m still alive, just… ankle knee waist-deep in work.


true love and other fallacies

Friday, February 16th, 2007

[edit: tangena tanggalin na nga natin si piolo at sam dito kung anu-anong comment nakukuha ko e]


happy single-awareness day (or, happy s.a.d.)

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

coined c 2003-04 (ata) and still going. hehe.

reposting old invite:

ASK (Alalahaning Single Kami): Happy S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day) 2007
with TIIS (TangIna I’m Single), TISA (Tang’na I’m Single Again), NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth), SBCC (Single by Choice or Circumstance), SBD (Single by Default), SPS (Single na Pinagchachagaan ang Stuff toy/Single na Pinagchachagaan *ng* Stufftoy) and TIGANG (self-explanatory).

sama-sama tayong lahat! yihaaaa!!!

bawal ang me jowa. hehehehe.


this afternoon i was tasked to write about an SWS release on love being blind. turns out 7 in 10 filipinos said yes when asked, “Naniniwala ho ba kayo sa kasabihang ‘Ang pag-ibig ay bulag’?” seriously. that was verrrry hard to write with a straight face.

and then somebody called asking for prices of long stemmed roses. which prompted me to call Holland Tulips (P195/piece - peach, orange, white only, no more red), Flowers by Sylvia (P200/piece, local, excluding delivery charge) and of course, Encarnacion Bechaves (because you care enough to send the very best - P1,800/dozen red roses).

sabi nga ni cy — “Ang mahal magmahal, ano?”



last year, my sister and i watched rex navarrete at megamall. hehe. that was a good valentines date, imho.

tomorrow morning, i am in charge of getting the tickets for a movie ice and i are catching. because i’m a wonderful friend-date like that.

i was actually supposed to write about how you never look at a person you’re still in love with quite the same way, no matter how hard you try — there’s that look you give a person. sitting beside her on public transport or across her in the food court or standing beside her in line. just something. something.

but since i am pressed for time (let it be remembered i spent this valentines eve slaving over crabs), i guess i’ll just have to try doing that some other day.

must love dorks

Friday, February 9th, 2007


foreground, me. background, my sister sleeping
on a pile of assorted biology chemistry physics readings

i’m sorry i couldn’t resist.
my father was right — girls did have a different set of study habits. haha.
this is me coming home at 10:30 p.m. on an ordinary thursday night.
that is my sister breaking her review-marathon or
lab report slavage or something similar that i cannot comprehend
this is me saying ssshhhh
and camwhoring
and well, being proud.

prudelyn is lab

Friday, February 9th, 2007

malamig ba ang feb 14 mo?

wag mag-alala, eto lang solusyon jan:

Dermalyn - 0922-311-4562
Chonna Mae - 0922-553-4262
Choverlyn - 0922-481-3453
Cobralyn - 911
Prudelyn - 0918-226-1132 (akin na yan -kate)
Globalyn - 0916-786-3547
Ederlyn - No cellphone available; please call 728-1122 makisuyo lang po

vital stats and photographs under the cut (explicit kasi)



Thursday, February 8th, 2007

while it could be somewhat logically deduced that all i’ve been up to lately in this life is, well, getting drunk on paydays, that is not necessarily true. no, seriously.

take for example, um, did you know i actually managed to sprain myself last week? not as a result of some vigorous athletic activity, mind you, but while crossing the street, near the MRT. while crossing the street! i am such a wimp. plus, the weight issue wasn’t exactly a big help either (pun unintended) because, um, the heavier you are, the worse sprain you get from stepping into small potholes on the road.

and so there i was, limping like hell (i was already on my way to work, impractical to go back home to get rid of the shoes), and well, that night i verified upon getting home that i had a very bad swollen ankle. but that didn’t stop me from going to timezone for a very recent 23-year-old’s birthday bash:


kids at heart


my foot’s okay now; i’ve been wearing ankle support for the past week and slippers for at least three days. i almost lost my toes to frostbite. but anyway, my toes and feet are okay now, thanks to everyone who sympathized and did not mock me for my stupidity. haha.

oh well. aside from that. i’ve been kind of busy (naks) because of global warming and well, now, these new crabs off panglao island. i know i know they’re not just crabs, but if i say molluscs crustaceans (See correction edit below), it’s actually too scary for me. so i’m sticking to crabs.

(EDIT: 2/9/7, morning

me: may ginagawa akong bagong istorya, tungkol sa mga bagong hayop sa panglao.

krista: (not even taking off eyes from pc monitor) wow.

me: me mga bago atang crabs.

krista: (still not looking) wow.

me: di ba yun yun? crabs? mollusks? pareho lang yun di ba?

krista: (finally turns to me) ate naman, mollusks and crabs are completely different things.

me: okay. i stand corrected.

and so i am.)

i have lots and lots of stories to tell, i just couldn’t gather my bearings right now (haha bering strait) so yeah.

who doesn’t agree that that poster for super twins on gma is going to go places? (oh jennylyn. okay, i’m embarrassed now.)