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simultaneous, vice versa

Sunday, January 28th, 2007
of course, this was shot in ministop. ehhe :)
well, with my father hogging the digital camera (which is by all technicalities his anyway), i am hereby directing you to everybody else’s multiply accounts for pictures of friday’s wasakan–overshare edition. [tere + rissaamy + jo anne + cois]

in memoriam: buffy, 2003-2007

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

and so the shocking news that woke me today was that our parrot died this morning. her name was buffy. she had just turned three.

my father got her as a present from a friend toward the end of 2003, and in keeping with my obsessions, i gave her the name of my favorite heroine. (later my sister would get a turtle, and would name him spike — in keeping with the theme) it was the first word she would learn to say, her name. the nice thing about parrots was that they talked. the not-so nice - it was that they talked. even at night. our neighbors hated her for it, but we loved her just the same.

truth is i loved her more, or at least, more than any other pet we’ve had (a few dogs i never really got along with, sadly) — and how could i not, when i was the one who gave her her name?

how could i not, when she knew mine?


tagged, curiously

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

because esteemed tita annamanila said so, i come brandishing a blog meme:

Thanks to blogging…

i get my points across more clearly. curiously i am more coherent read than heard. seriously. though i concede i talk better over food or over tea, and that my philosophical ramblings on life, love and loss are better served with beer and cigarettes on the side, yeah, but i must insist, i get my points across better via blog and nowhere else.

i get to update friends i don’t see that often. or even those i haven’t seen in years. take chi for example, or ciaring, both of whom i’d gone to high school with, 1997-2001, and haven’t seen since. (though i last saw ciaring in our basketball team’s reunion last december.) or, take my college friends - name them, and they probably have one online journal tucked away somewhere - blogspot mostly, some on LJ, some camwhores on multiply, or recently, on wordpress - because he accidentally erased his blogspot blog haha. (not to be outdone, of course, i have blogs on all platforms. haha d0rk.) well, maybe it’s because we’re a block of journ majors. prolly explains it huh. can’t get our fingers off our keyboards, yeah. (that sounded a lot more prurient than i had intended, sorry.)

i have an outlet for my various dork urges. people say i have an addictive personality — not to imply that i’m “addictive” like nicotine, or that i draw people and keep them in, nothing like that; rather i mean that i get addicted easily and usually i have no intentions to stop being hooked to anything. (and by that, i mean almost anything.) so. yes, i am addicted to html, and have been since… 2001.

so i was with blogspot for five years - i started out 2001, and i discovered the joy of tweaking blogspot templates in december 2003. (yes, you read that right, joy.) so yeah, more than accommodating my needs to connect with peers online and get my thoughts out, i also had an outlet for my html urges and, well, my attempts at design.

i have a place to stock my fiction in. it’s like having your own library, seriously. all you have to do is look around.

♥ i have something to track important dates and events with. so i have bad long-term memory. so what? i’ll write about an event immediately after and voila! search the tags and remember, sister. no sweat. alavet.

obviously, blogging has been very good to me. except.

No thanks to blogging…

♥ i can no longer attempt to be “mysterious brooding chick.”  why attempt? because mystery is a turn-on, that’s why. and with my compulsion to share everything down to pictures of my favorite boxers? i’m never going to be mysterious brooding chick in this lifetime. so much for appeal.

♥ i get into fights so big they are near-fatal for some of my relationships because of my somewhat public, online introspection. of course, i’ve always maintained it’s my space so i can write what i want to write, and anybody who can’t handle it, might as well not bother reading. not really because i’m proud and irresponsible, but because i have enough spine to stand for whatever i say here. at least, most of the time. ironically, it’s the fiction that gets me in trouble every so often. jesus, i wonder why.

of course i tag everybody on my sidebar, because it’s cool like that.

ujp is lab, lab, lab

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

hay… i miss my org.

breaking: grey’s anatomy bags golden globe

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

… trumping Lost and 24!

omfg. to think i just watched ep 11 of season 3 (six days, part 1) this morning. (and witnessed the best notkiss EVER.) christ. okay stopping now before i spoil you.

but realy, the real reason for this breaking post?

is sara ramirez’* redhotgown. and kate walsh’ general hotness of course. and the two of them standing close together behind shonda. (who i think just gave birth to my new fave phrase, ang shonda-shonda mo ngayon!)

okay. that was beyond incoherent. maybe i should audition for “Kaibigan**.”

* sara plays dr. callie torres on grey’s anatomy
** will elaborate more on this later.

don’t look back: on loving annabelle (2006)

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

last year i posted the dangers flowers’ “all over me” over at my multiply site, and mentioned that it was from “Loving Annabelle,” a movie by Katherine Brooks which carried the intriguing tagline: One teacher. One student. One secret.

last night, some seven months later, i finally managed to get my hands on the movie via a loaned DVD — it was the second movie in my saturday three-movie marathon night, the first one being tere’s “Bend it Like Beckham” (i will rave about this and keira’s abs some other day) and the other one being “Girl Interrupted”.

and can i just say it was actually ill-advised of me to watch Loving Annabelle alone? and not just because erin kelly (and a few scenes) were too hot to be handled in all my alone glory, but really. thank goodness for cigarettes and having the room to myself anyway (sorry krista, i hope the odour’s gone when you come back.)

official poster

“For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks… the work for which all other work is but preparation.” -Rainer Maria Rilke


captain barbell, redux

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

unfortunately melawrence, as it turned out last night, kit and teng were not siblings. disappointing, i know, especially since i would have preferred that twist instead of…

(haha cut for spoilers on captain barbell ending!) — (why i’m even bothering with the warning? i don’t know either!) (more…)


Friday, January 12th, 2007

guess who just friended me on friendster? *g* howell. my youngest brother has yet to upload incriminating photos of himself — i guess that’s basically because friendster is for teens at least 16 years of age (tama ba?), and he’s what, barely 10? seriously. his profile’s private though. (i’m like, wtf was i doing when i was 10, right? a dozen years ago? heh.)

on other news. this made me cry the other day. *sniff* someday i’ll get into something as nice. :)

for now, we have…. Captain Barbell. sans the General. sad.

breaking news of the captain barbell kind

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

now that captain barbell is set to end its run as a primetime series tomorrow night, it’s about time i come out of the closet — yes. captain barbell is my illegal substance of choice.

and whether you like it or not, i’m going to do an episode commentary.

(haha cut for spoilers!)


drunken (pun) masters

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

the word is…. camboy.

original usage:
jun: oo, camwhore ako. camboy.

tere: camboy? di ba yun yung sa kotse?

rissa: camboy? di ba yun yung kumakain ng grass?

me: ah oo yung di naliligo?

rissa: yung may bigote?

tere: camboy? yung boy na galing sa america?

the next word is… erg.

original usage:
joanne: sabi nila, masarap daw yung erg.

tere: yun ba yung pag meron kang gustong-gustong gawin? erg?

me: yun ba yung sinasalihan mo nung college?

tere: oo, yung minsan may fee?

rissa: (laced with bitterness) oo, yung minsan mahal yung fee tas wala namang nangyayari?

rissa: dun ba galing yung chicken? sa erg?

disclaimer: exchanges as remembered by my sometimes faulty memory.

pero sabi nga ni francis, ang quote of the night ay galing sa akin:

“TANGINA, boobs ko yan.”

pictures to follow. (nudges tere @ multiply *hint*)