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yearender: 2006 in sights and sounds

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

2006 in movies
of course, we all know that the movies that changed my life this year were brokeback mountain (feb), gia (march) and imagine me & you (august). but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other movies worth mentioning.

i also loved: rent (the OST is loooove), the devil wears prada (meryl streep is loooove) and
happy feet (penguins are looooooooooooooove!)

other movies i bothered with: mission impossible 3, pirates of the carribean 2 and superman.

2006 in screen-related addictions
my dvd life was mostly lorded over by episodes of: the l word (april) and grey’s anatomy (october)

on tv, i remember watching: rockstar:supernova and philippine idol. captain barbell! :)

(and even more randomicity. is that even a word?)


yearender: 2006 @ blogspot

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

my new year’s resolutions for 2006 can be found here. of these, i eventually only held on to the following:

-write more often
-read more books
-try to watch more tv
-go out more with friends

i guess in the end, it really boils down to the essentials, doesn’t it?

and speaking of writing, something i unearthed from the january page: pagpapalit ng planner

(here’s looking at you, 2006.)


yearender: 2006 in layout

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

and now, for the mega-dork post of the year.

this year, it’s mostly the l word and a bit of self-camwhoring around y’all. plus brokeback mountain, imagine me and you and grey’s anatomy.

*sigh* i miss doing monthly layouts.


the post-birthday post

Friday, December 29th, 2006

just came in from vacation, and workload has been hell, hence no postage.

and seriously, there are probably no words for these past few days, a.k.a. my last days as a 21-year-old, a.k.a. my birthday.

seriously. no words.

but i can try and say nothing beats waiting for the clock to strike twelve with friends from college while raiding somebody else’s room; 

or, that somebody got me flowers this year. and cake. and wine. and all this, single (who needs a boyfriend?)! 

or, that nothing says happy birthday better than tequila body shots. (overshare, most likely) 

but really.

what a good day to realize how blessed i’d been :)

(now under this is mostly overshare, you’d been forewarned)


elf yourself!

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

make your yuletide gay.

come on. you know you want to. :)

advanced merry christmas everyone!

invasion of personal space

Monday, December 18th, 2006

“At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody. So this thing where we all keep our distance and pretend not to care about each other, it’s usually a load of bull. So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to, and once we’ve chosen those people, we tend to stick close by. No matter how much we hurt them. The people that are still with you at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need.”

-meredith, season 3 ep 10, “don’t stand so close to me”


trusting fate

Thursday, December 14th, 2006
isang kasinungalingan sa first cab ng mrt
(read: girls only)

‘remember this body?’

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

“I kept on looking at her and wondering how we ever had a relationship; yet when she first left me, I thought I had blood poisoning. I couldn’t forget her. Now she seemed to have forgotten everything. It made me want to shake her, to pull off all my clothes in the middle of the street and yell, ‘Remember this body?’

Time is a deadener; people forget, get bored, grow old, go away. She said that not much had happened between us anyway, historically speaking. But history is a string full of knots. The best you could do is admire it, and maybe knot it up a bit more…

She said those sorts of feelings were dead, the feelings she once had for me. There is a certain seductiveness about dead things. You can ill treat, alter and recolour what’s dead. It won’t complain.”

-jeanette winterson, “oranges are not the only fruit”

don’t look back (telepopmusik)

Monday, December 11th, 2006
Don’t Look Back
Sit Still / And close your eyes / What’s behind the other door / Oh, no more silence / Don’t kill this thing we got called love / Just searching for the perfect drug

When love comes calling / Don’t look back / When love comes calling / Don’t look away

And I’m standing over here / Watching you over there / Smiling, happy, unaware / Oh, life is spinning round / You’re going underground / Forgetting who we were / Let’s try and keep it / Just one more day

When love comes calling / Don’t look back / When love comes calling / Don’t look away

You take your love / And throw it all around / Like it’s nothing special / Just a sound

Let me say one more thing / I don’t think you realize / That a day is like a year sometimes

When love comes calling / Don’t look back / When love comes calling / Don’t look away


picspam and other joys

Monday, December 11th, 2006

well, if you’re watching out for pictures from inquirer’s 21st anniv celeb, they’re over at my flickr account (yes, another account, me=camwhore — but only because my multiply is being such a biaaaatch).

and for everything else, i have my friends over at multiply with their incriminating photos which could have potentially irreversible, detrimental effects on my future career. hehe. it’s all The Company’s fault (referring both to the singing group and my employers hehehe) — with their dance tunes and their booze. (though i think cy has a slightly different opinion. smirk.) oh god we should all get drunk on novellino’s peach flavored white wine. seriously.

but really, the real purpose of this picspam post… lies under the read-more cut!