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kwentuhang sh*t

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

isang gabing tinuturuan ko ang kapatid kong mambarbero ng kanyang labreport…

me: eh i-bullshit mo na lang yung first line para di masyadong abrupt.

krista: that’s very hard to do. (me, in my head: wow marangal.) especially when you’re not a bull.

me: (blinks) did you just say that?

nothing ever useful comes out of my suggestions to my sister’s lab reports. seriously.

mike enriquez in the morning, y’all

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

pldt has a new annoying direct marketing gig — they call you up at 9 in the morning and put mike enriquez on the phone. di ka talaga niya tatantanan.

seriously. i had to get up from the top bunk, plus i nearly fall off the bunk stairs (has anybody really figured out how to descend from double-deck ladders properly?) just to answer the telephone, and who do i get?

me: Hell–


me: whuthefuck?

yes, good morning to you, too mr. enriquez. i know, i know, for all i know it might not be you, but i was on the phone and it sounded like you. so. yeah.

food is lab

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

isa sa mga pinakapaborito naming gawin ni cy kapag walang ginagawa sa opisina: 

cy: (yawns and stretches)

me: let’s eat cold soggy kfc french fries.

cy: (lights up) yay!

girl friends

Monday, November 27th, 2006

you know, penguins are better when you watch them with friends you’ve known for years :) gah, i could not even begin to show my love for happy feet, which i’d already watched twice btw, and i haven’t stopped grinning at lovelace on my desktop. haha. give me fin! oh yeah.

so, no harry potter this year — but that didn’t mean ice’s birthday celeb would be movie-less this year. :) hurray for dancing penguins and latino penguins singing the spanish version of “my way” w00t. hahaha.

we'll always have paris - before happy feet @ gb3

i feel so marginalized at hindi ako nag-pink hmp.

anyway. since i’m all about girl-friendly-loving (read: with girls i am so not gaying with), i’m posting an email i got from girl-next-door edz about the types of girl friends we have, at one point or another. =) i must say i try to be flexible and adaptable at all times. (mataas ang market value, flexible daw hehe)


friday, i’m in love!

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

there are a lot of things to be thankful for last friday. :) this is just one of them. yay! hurray for nights like this! :)


pangalanan na yang mga yan!
 sa harap ng window display ng ferragamo sa greenbelt 3.


commuting woes

Friday, November 24th, 2006

you know what’s odd/ironic/annoying? crossing philcoa at 11:30 in the morning almost fried because they removed the overpass’ roof because they say it promotes vendors and beggars but guess what? the overpass has a freaking billboard attached to it.

billboards, not roofs then? ugh, pass me the sunscreen, please. because our mayor harbors a peculiar kind of concern for his constituents.


the good news however is that the quezon ave escalator is already working, so yay! after two months (it was put out of service by milenyo in late september), finally some relief. :)


on other news. philippine star publisher max soliven has already passed on.


and on a totally unrelated development: is it just me, or is captain barbell just getting infinitely harder to watch these days?

birthday greetings

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006
world freezes just to see you laugh
i’ve always maintained the stance that if ice hadn’t been a blockmate of mine, i would’ve tried to court her. *grin* but seriously, friends do not come on to each other, much less hit on each other, so no. she may be brilliant and exhilirating, but we’re really just friends. hehehe.
but then, as one conversation once went, it does look like in the end, well, it will be you and me, though in a completely platonic kind of way (definitely haha)–sitting one late night in a coffee shop, or scouting for wedding gifts. or singing to the cranberries’ “when you’re gone” while driving home slightly drunk. or watching the latest harry potter installment. 
 honestly i’m kind of looking forward to doing all that.
and while i absolutely wish that you’d have a splendid partner you could spend the rest of your life with… i can’t help wondering where i’d be when that happens. (well, we say whoever goes first, ayt? heh. yeah right.)
happy birthday. :)

say what?

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

krista: ate, ano yung ibig sabihin ng, “get my bearings straight” na phrase?

me: um, figure of speech. it’s an allusion to…

krista: the bering strait?

me: the what?

krista: uy meron sa map nun, check mo…

me: (floored)

i was about to say, it’s an allusion to comparing the brain to a machine with bearings and little components, but her explanation was just so much better.

pow bows out of idol tilt

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

it must have been the dress.

while i agree that dressing 23-year-old pow up in a blue silk chinese dress was a horrible idea to begin with, i say keeping miguel in the final four is, by far, *the* most disagreeable thing in this philippine idol race. seriously.

pow pic from


gone too soon

Monday, November 20th, 2006

a friend of my father died the other day. apparently, he was one of the pilots involved in a recent helicopter crash in nigeria a couple of weeks ago. this struck me because he wasn’t just any other former colleague my father had — this pilot was a friend of his.

tito james was wylo’s godfather. we had pictures together. in company christmas parties, random dinners, that sort. we were *that* kind of family friends. they were there when my mother died, they stayed during the wake for more than a couple of nights. we were those kind of family friends. his wife was particularly fond of my brother. their youngest child is barely out of elementary. we were friends, his family and mine. he was a good man.