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Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I read with a heavy heart today’s youngblood article by Tamara Dominado (”What’s there to fear?”, PDI, 12/11/08) whose mother Maria Luisa Posa-Dominado, a Bayan Muna leader, was abducted in April 2007.

I feel for her, and all other children who have had the ultimate misfortune of having to live such a significant amount of time motherless, but hers is a pain so extreme I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around it.

And I quote:

Whoever did this to my mom and “tito” [uncle] and countless others should be ashamed of themselves. They don’t need a 15-year-old to tell them that what they did was wrong. Will they tell me that what they did was for the good of the nation? I cannot see any good in abducting innocent people who are helping others.

Couldn’t have said it better.

life recordings

Friday, August 15th, 2008

i’m thinking of taking down the old blogspot haunt one of these days, if only to put it up again in a much simpler, more coherent mega-site of sorts. blame it on and the simplicity that i’m in love with. i’m itching to resume my hot passionate underwear-scorching affair with html. yun lang, for sentimentality’s sake, i’m torn between just keeping it the way it is (design and spacing and all) and overhauling it almost entirely (keeping only the text, a few pictures). decisions, decisions. how do we let go of blogs? (thoughts?)

anyway, next Friday (Aug. 22, incidentally also our 11th monthsary <3) my sister would be holding her undergraduate seminar. i’m taking a day off from work to attend it, at the risk of perhaps not understanding a thing. she needs me there. so, anybody else interested in talking about fixing broken hearts? yun lang, she’ll talk about it in zebrafish. don’t ask me why. and don’t ask me why i’m actually excited. i think it could be for the sole realization that my sister has indeed come a looooong way.

krista’s birthday post

Thursday, May 29th, 2008



you know what they say: friends and lovers come and go, but sisters are forever.


mother’s day post

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

i was listening to lani mercado’s retelling of the children’s story Papel de Liha this morning during the Read-Along when one of the teachers from Sophia School asked me if my mother’s hands were also rough like sandpaper.

for the sake of shortening the conversation, i just said something like, “She worked in the office.”

i think teacher just smiled and said, ”that’s more common nowadays, isn’t it.” this is to imply that yayas, not moms, do the bulk of the chores these days.

it would have been a longer conversation, had i not been stuck at the first question: were my mother’s hands rough, too?


reunion weekend

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

so much of the weekend was spent in cuenca, batangas with the family and my dad’s classmates from the navy. i think their batch is now 31 years or something? and they’re still organizing reunions! an absolutely adorable bunch of men, even moreso when drunk haha.

pero pinakapanalo sa lahat si leo, anak ni tito jun, kumpare ni dad. actually para siyang si cois (pare miss lang kita i see you everywhere). dahil kami-kami lang magkaka-age bracket dun kami lang nag-uusap ganyan. over breakfast aking napag-alaman na may tao nga talagang nahuhulog sa pagitan ng mrt at nung passenger terminal/stage/whatever.

seryoso. nahulog nga siya dun. masakit daw. hahaha. sabi ko nga, shet, may maipagmamayabang na ako sa mga kaibigan ko: oha me kakilala na akong nahulog talaga dun sa gap na yun. seryoso.

at as if di pa siya traumatized gano sa mrt, natrap na rin siya sa MRT sa gabi. as in sa last trip. as in nagamit na niya yung pull in case of emergency dahil natrap siya sa loob dahil akala niya umiikot yung mrt sa north ave. PANALO.

so anyway sorry leo sabi ko naman ibebenta ko yung kwento mo e hahaha pasalamat ka wala tayong picture together.

anyway. reunions! panalo. a bunch of navy men getting together for drinks and videoke tapos yung table settings parang debut. with multicolor pink orange red yellow nets and covered chairs, why don’t i have a picture.

edit: because I HAVE a picture.

sabi ko nga

31st anniversary! panis na lang na 3 years na akong graduate sa college, na 7 years na akong graduate sa high school, na 8 years ago na yung ajss, na 11 years ago na yung elem dahil PUCHA mas matanda pa sa akin yung navy batch nila.

pero ika nga ni schatz, darating ang panahon…

sabi ko, a, e, wala namang takutan.

ways of commemoration

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

lately, i’ve been doing a little something for my dad - it’s a video of sorts for their upcoming reunion. when i say their i mean my dad’s navy batch. it was 1977 and the scanned photographs are either sepia or black and white. his good friend tito jun had compiled them and his daughter summer had painstakingly scanned them one by one, then she uploaded ALL of them to a secret multiply account (friendslocked, sadly) so i could get them and lay them out in a windows movie maker slideshow with noel cabangon in the background.

originally, i was working with the original version of “too young” but it was a tad bit short at 2 and a half minutes. i never really looked at as in looked at the photos, minding mostly only their durations.

but when i shifted to kanlungan, i started seeing them: snatches of the young men in their old versions, and hints of the future in the younger faces. my father looked like krista and wy, most especially like wy, around the ears, mostly. makes me feel like i’m adopted. haha. but to see my father young once. it was surreal.

one these days, i thought as i rendered the video, one of these days, i’ll be doing something like this with more familiar faces.

sigh. tomorrow marks my third year out of college.

ilang taon na lang.

today is my mother’s birthday

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

her 49th, should have been.

from what i wrote about her two years ago:

It’s different now.

I’m not sure if she’d be happy that they are; a part of me’s scared she’d hate me for some of the things I’ve done to myself - the vices I’ve acquired, the beliefs I have decided to stand by, some choices I have made.

But really, even if she does, I’d still wish she were here.

happy birthday, mom.


old photo



usapang pasko

Friday, December 14th, 2007

naglitanya na ng mga “gift suggestions” for christmas ang bunso kong kapatid na si wy.

fast facts:
full name: wilmer angelo
age: 10 11! 11 na pala ang kapatid ko. [/edit]
age he speaks like: 18


a hiatus, again

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

after a long while, i am actually looking forward to visiting and cleaning my mother’s grave this coming all souls/all saints day long weekend. hay. it’s been a while since i was last at home for more than 20 hours. i look forward to oversleeping in my parents’ room and watching cable (!!) television and pigging out to auntie’s “home cooked meals” and drinking with my cousin mark and clandestinely smoking in our terrace haha.

basically i just miss home.

mom, i’m coming home.

so this means i’ll be out of coverage area (read: off the internet, ym, lj, facebook (i know!), etc) for the next few days. which means i’ll also be away from office friends (sniff) and chief (sniff harder) for the next few days. so. you know my number. text me. hehe.

meantime, i leave you with my latest photobooth project — a wallpaper! (gasp) ang adik lang e.

to those who’d have long weekends, have a safe one.


a morning conversation

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

nakakamiss ang mga ganitong post. hehehe. 

Setting: alas-onse ng umaga, bumisita ang mga magulang ko. Ipinagtimpla ko ang tatay ko ng kape at ibinigay kay auntie yung cake na binigay ni irene sa min last night. Thanks Universe sa instant snacks for parents.

Auntie: Umuwi ka ngayong weekend ha? Magshop tayo. Gamit GCs mo sa SM.

Me: (matter-of-factly) Gusto mong umuwi ako at ipagshopping.

Auntie: Ng bagong damit, pantalon…

Me: Ibibili mo na ako ng bagong full-length mirror? (smile)

Auntie: Pwede rin.

Me: At saka plantsa.

Auntie: Saka plantsahan.

Me: Yung kay Krista di niya ginagamit ata.

Auntie: O sige idaan namin dito mamayang gabi pauwi, hahakutin namin dun [sa Maginhawa] yun lahat ngayon eh.

Me: O sige, ibilin na lang sa baba, kami na lang bahala mag-akyat.

Auntie: Kami? Sinong kami?