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maskom ka? ako rin!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

news flash: the up college of mass communication’s alumni homecoming is set this saturday, sept. 27. (fyi i can’t go because of work BUT to make up for the absence i did make this nifty badge:)


proudly maskom


anyway, sir danny is inviting alumni-bloggers to blog about their maskom experience in time for the homecoming. for the rest of the badges and more about the up cmc online campaign, etc. check out sir danny’s post here.

ps. i’m from batch 2005 :) will be writing about maskom sometime within the week. :)  


a reconstruction

Thursday, September 11th, 2008


so it has ended. begun. ended. whatever. so now i’ve redesigned my main splash page here, now i can go on to other projects.


[/end dork]

anyway. yes i password-protected the thing! will repost in multiply. hihi. xoxo.

an attachment to gadgets

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

my cell phone broke down last night for the second time.

last year, it was a black screen. last night, it started restarting itself and then this morning it just somewhat died on me. =(

so i spent most of this morning waiting in line at the nokia care center in glorietta, lifeless n6288 in hand. i’ve had it for more or less a year. i’d never dropped it, never gotten it wet; it even had a screen protector. it had bubble bash and the mobile version of guitar hero (cries) that we had just finished last night before going to bed. oh had i known it would be our last time together (a tear fell.) it allowed me to check my mail, a few blogs, whenever there was signal. it took great pictures, plus it sent stuff from my phone to flickr directly. (cries some more)

even with a service phone (i bought a nokia 2626 for less than 3k) i feel still somewhat incomplete. for someone who names her gadgets, this is really a heartbreak.

what’s even more heartbreaking is the fact that they have to delete all of its contents to get it back up and running again (wails). remember the last time i had to part with a phone, i had to delete some 1,+++ messages? at least i pushed the delete all button. this time i won’t be able to do it myself. =( call me sentimental but this phone was my ligaw phone (hah if we could call something such). the jokes folder may not be as sizeable as before, but… you know how it is.



life recordings

Friday, August 15th, 2008

i’m thinking of taking down the old blogspot haunt one of these days, if only to put it up again in a much simpler, more coherent mega-site of sorts. blame it on and the simplicity that i’m in love with. i’m itching to resume my hot passionate underwear-scorching affair with html. yun lang, for sentimentality’s sake, i’m torn between just keeping it the way it is (design and spacing and all) and overhauling it almost entirely (keeping only the text, a few pictures). decisions, decisions. how do we let go of blogs? (thoughts?)

anyway, next Friday (Aug. 22, incidentally also our 11th monthsary <3) my sister would be holding her undergraduate seminar. i’m taking a day off from work to attend it, at the risk of perhaps not understanding a thing. she needs me there. so, anybody else interested in talking about fixing broken hearts? yun lang, she’ll talk about it in zebrafish. don’t ask me why. and don’t ask me why i’m actually excited. i think it could be for the sole realization that my sister has indeed come a looooong way.

feature heartbreak

Friday, August 1st, 2008

today’s feature heartbreak is brought to me by wordcamp philippines.

and i really wanted to go.

hang over

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

sentenaryo daw ipagdiwang. ayan. yay.


bakit ba tuwing wala akong pera saka ako nagkaka-urge na bumili nang kung anu-ano? kesyo gusto ng bagong cell phone, ng bago at mas maliit na laptop, ng iPod touch, ng pen tablet, ng bago at mas malaking USB (na naman), ng digital SLR, etc etc

hala sige gutumin mo sarili mo kate. sige.


inflation at 11.4 percent in june. ibig sabihin ata kung dati P100 lang ang isang bagay, ngayong P111.4 na. maryosep. hmmm. world oil at $145. peso back at P45:$1. minsan nananaginip na ako ng business graphs e.

buti wala akong kotse.

sana me dollar ako na pwedeng palitan.

sabaw, sabaw kayo jan (a repost)

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

nabalitaan kong hindi nakikita ang previous pdf sa maraming computer sa buong pilipinas.

and so.

cover page

now in jpg! mantakin mo yun!


step one to world domination

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

the guys at smith mag have noticed!

thanks for noticing :) man, we were just way too thrilled to have received a copy of the book. and now, oh, fantabulous magazine linkage, making heads explode everywhere with geeky glee, yeah.

hers :)

p.s. and oh, btw, this cartoon is hers, not mine. i regret not having indicated earlier. :) i’m not nearly as brilliant in photoshop. (prolly why i look better in cartoon, heh.)

again, dorkage

Friday, November 16th, 2007

the saying, “Code is poetry” more than does it for me, really.

one of these days, i’ll find my way back to one of my first loves, HTML. *sigh* promise, babalikan kita… promise.

so yeah, just making a note here that i changed my layout after god knows how many months. that last one was just *so* comfortable, it was difficult to replace it. add that to the fact that the elections and the despedidas and the girlfriend happened, so go figure. (excuses, excuses)

but yeah. to mark my dotcom blog’s birthday (!!!) it’s kind of like buying it a new dress. or tie. or whatever. =)

so that header image (i still owe myself some 4 others, since the headers sort of… um, rotate? or something. basta.) i took myself, it’s the UP track oval behind the bahay ng alumni. the quote is hopefully properly attributed.

so there.

ps — iba talaga ang tibok ng puso ko sa phrase na, Code is poetry. parang kinikilig na ewan.

[–!dorkage ends here–]

a hiatus, again

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

after a long while, i am actually looking forward to visiting and cleaning my mother’s grave this coming all souls/all saints day long weekend. hay. it’s been a while since i was last at home for more than 20 hours. i look forward to oversleeping in my parents’ room and watching cable (!!) television and pigging out to auntie’s “home cooked meals” and drinking with my cousin mark and clandestinely smoking in our terrace haha.

basically i just miss home.

mom, i’m coming home.

so this means i’ll be out of coverage area (read: off the internet, ym, lj, facebook (i know!), etc) for the next few days. which means i’ll also be away from office friends (sniff) and chief (sniff harder) for the next few days. so. you know my number. text me. hehe.

meantime, i leave you with my latest photobooth project — a wallpaper! (gasp) ang adik lang e.

to those who’d have long weekends, have a safe one.