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kahit saang simbahan

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

photo courtesy of

… someday. <3

the long and winding valentine’s post

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

first off, hope you all had a fantabulous valentine’s day celeb, single or no :)

spent better part of last night/early morning at the University Student Council-sponsored Friday edition of this year’s (centennial) UP Fair. less than stellar band line up, i admit, but nothing beats Sunken Garden grass and the company of friends, old and new. feels a lot like coming home =)

it’s overwhelming actually, walking around the booths, inhaling all that is familiar - the mixed scents of grass, cigarettes and isaw and other inihaws everywhere - and getting all these calls and hugs from people i once knew. old friends and orgmates i hadn’t seen in a while, hugged in a while. it’s absolutely amazing. (”ate kate?” my girlfriend would rib me every now and then. what could i do, they were kids once, you know.) trust the UP fair to be a somewhat venue for catching up. heh. plus: PERYA! haha.


today is my mother’s birthday

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

her 49th, should have been.

from what i wrote about her two years ago:

It’s different now.

I’m not sure if she’d be happy that they are; a part of me’s scared she’d hate me for some of the things I’ve done to myself - the vices I’ve acquired, the beliefs I have decided to stand by, some choices I have made.

But really, even if she does, I’d still wish she were here.

happy birthday, mom.


old photo



happy birthday, chief

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

and now, for your birthday present:

notes: i woke this morning with a jolt. after spending a good part of last night alternating between winterson’s ‘lighthousekeeping’ and thoughts of what to do for your birthday, it was only this morning that this occurred to me.

happy birthday love. here’s to you and the years ahead. <3


roads home

Monday, December 24th, 2007

the road i'm on

i took this photo this morning before leaving for work. i was standing in the middle of the street where i’ve spent most of my childhood years. it was a little past 9 a.m., and my father was still fixing the car’s flat tire (merry christmas nga hehe), so i pulled out my phone and took a shot.

i called andrea just to ask, wow is it just me or has the street gotten smaller through the years? i remembered how the edges of our “play areas” had been marked by concrete humps.

and now there i was, standing in the middle of the road, and all the humps were all too near.

christmas week

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

the downside of working for a daily is that there are no holidays. since the newspaper comes out everyday. except of course on the two sacred days of maundy thursday and good friday, which are absolutely the only days in the year the newspaper rests as a whole. (sagrado kung sagrado — outing na yan!)

oo holy week yun (or sabi nga ni schatz, holy-ween - pwede rin, extreme case ng holiday economics lang). ibig sabihin nun me pasok ng pasko at new year. but since uso naman ang shifting dito sa office, it’s either you report for work just on christmas or just on new year. this year i opted to report on christmas and to go on break on new year, isabit ko na birthday ko.

anyway. the PERKS of working in a daily is that everybody’s festive. really, seriously, festive. and when i say festive, i mean christmas parties every single day since the 17th. no, seriously. well, except thursday, which i had designated as a rest day for my liver but yeah.

so, by way of summary:


a greeting

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

sa wakas magagamit ko na rin sa isang blog post itong photo na ito (c/o tita rissa, salamat):

ninuno ng lahat ng videoke shots
wouldn’t you think i’m the girl…
the girl who has everything?

walang papalag. happy birthday cois!

the art of aunts

Saturday, September 29th, 2007


auntie, dramang lost lang (summer 2007)
believe it or not, this lady is over 40.
happy birthday auntie!


the art of brothers

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

i woke this morning to the sound of a reminder’s alarm going off: today is my brother’s birthday.


taken in zoobic this summer
i’m a complicated boy. (pedroso, w. 2007)




Monday, July 16th, 2007

man, we keep on outdoing ourselves with these despedidas no?

and so now we become scorching hot and confusing. god i have the handsomest girl friends in this office. if this is the only way i could get you into those hot hot polos and neckties and blazers and suspenders, i’d gladly wear corsets and gowns every. single. day.

okay, maybe not every day, but you know what i mean.