maligayang pasko!

December 24th, 2008

public service announcement lang:

salamat wordpress!

as usual slightly erroneous na naman sa firefox, pero no significant barrier to readability naman, the last time i checked. paki-update na lang ng browsers. maraming salamat at maligayang pasko!


December 24th, 2008

may inaayos lang


December 11th, 2008

I read with a heavy heart today’s youngblood article by Tamara Dominado (”What’s there to fear?”, PDI, 12/11/08) whose mother Maria Luisa Posa-Dominado, a Bayan Muna leader, was abducted in April 2007.

I feel for her, and all other children who have had the ultimate misfortune of having to live such a significant amount of time motherless, but hers is a pain so extreme I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around it.

And I quote:

Whoever did this to my mom and “tito” [uncle] and countless others should be ashamed of themselves. They don’t need a 15-year-old to tell them that what they did was wrong. Will they tell me that what they did was for the good of the nation? I cannot see any good in abducting innocent people who are helping others.

Couldn’t have said it better.

an appreciation post

November 22nd, 2008

this morning, i woke up to pancakes. today marks our 14th month together =) yey for pancakes! pancakes and cheese and butter and brown sugar and hot chocolate. it was the perfect morning and i loved it (and i love you, of course =) )

so. because even gossip girl has a thanksgiving episode (<3 dorota x 10,000 times!!!), let's have an appreciation post, which is the best and most surefire way of beating stress and negative vibes.

and soooo. dear universe, i am most thankful for:

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i wish i had more time

November 14th, 2008

to do everything and finish on time. really.


i owe my mother a decent memorial post. it was her 11th death anniversary on wednesday. busy, busy. my mother would be proud.

proof of my rather tense existence, other than the fact that this space has been untouched for roughly a month, are my coherent dreams. the other night, i dreamt of a WORD.

exism. n. prejudice on basis of previous romantic connections already severed.

wtf. busy, busy, my head. even when asleep.

anyway, it’s like effin antarctica up here, i have three jackets on.

i am now 12,000 words BEHIND on my nanowrimo attempt for the year.

the good news is that i’ve added one book to my now-finished list and that’s vonnegut’s cat’s cradle. finally.

sometimes i wonder how people like conchitina cruz come up with the stuff they do. do they just wake up one morning and think, “of course, that’s it! ELSEWHERE HELD AND LINGERED!”

naman, title pa lang patay na ako.

anyway. i am not loving how the IT of this company is cracking down on every known social networking thing on the planet. don’t they know that this newspaper’s content is best circulated and referred to other people through those avenues? just a thought.

sometimes i just want to smoke. like, get out and smoke. like, zone out and smoke.

but of course i won’t. i didn’t take myself through nine months to give up now, eh.

and oh. did you see that front page photograph on sunday? sweet. and i thought my debut would be related to a sort of crime.

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should you support the reproductive health bill?

October 17th, 2008

I wrote with utmost joy on the latest survey findings from the Social Weather Stations, which said that majority of Filipinos are in favor of passing the controversial Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008 (HB No. 5043).

The survey can be read in full at, but to summarize, it found that around seven in every 10 adult Filipinos said they favored the passage of the RH bill (71 percent), and about three in every four (76 percent) agreeing with the statement, “There should be a law that requires government to teach family planning to the youth.”

Quoting SWS: “Support for both family planning education and for passage of the RH Bill is very high among both Catholics and non-Catholics. Regularity of church-going and trust in the Catholic church have no effect on support for the RH bill.”

The survey was conducted from Sept. 24 to Sept. 27 this year. It used face-to-face interviews a total of 1,500 respondents (even more than the usual 1,200 respondents in other surveys from SWS). It had a margin of error of plus-minus 2.5 percentage points. (Unfortunately, this vital paragraph was cut from my story that came out this morning in the paper for lack of space.)

Of course, surveys are surveys, and people have varied opinions as to how to view survey results. Some people use favorable survey results to further their causes, and I am doing exactly that - this time, to bat for the passage of the Reproductive Health bill.

Ayway, I would like to finally tackle THAT ad from a well-known group actively campaigning against the passage of the RH bill. I have nothing personal against their group, but I have noticed the horrible and misleading angle in which their ad has been cast. I’m sure you’ve seen it in a major broadsheet. It’s in the form of a checklist.

Read the rest of this entry »

reminder to self

October 7th, 2008


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Finally, a Maskom post

September 25th, 2008


plaridel facade


I knew there would come a time when I would have to talk about UP Mass Comm and an alumni homecoming of sorts, but I did not expect it to come this soon, only three years after graduation, and without anything really major to brag about (hehe). But yeah, I would have loved to go to this Saturday’s party, had my schedule permitted it. But alas, I have to settle for making badges to compensate for my upcoming absence.


I think my most vivid memories of Maskom were spent mostly here, underneath the Skywalk:


ilalim ng skywalk


The Skywalk is a hallway connecting the two Mass Comm buildings, and the space underneath it used to be a perfect hangout for smokers. (I don’t think they still allow that though) I first adapted the smoking habit in my freshman year, as passed on by my blockmate John (the last I heard, this guy is directing this year’s Live A.I.D.S.). Having quit the habit (seven months and counting) I guess I’d always associate smoking with college, after all.

A few months ago, I returned to Mass Comm as a favor for a friend who taught J109. I talked about, of all things, writing survey stories. Waiting for the class to start, I noticed how a lot has changed since I was a student, and mostly for the better, I mean, facilities-wise. Do any of the rooms still use electric fans, I wondered.

But yeah, the most glaring difference was that space underneath the Skywalk. For one, it didn’t contain smokers anymore. A part of me was glad, having found this new lifestyle of sorts. But of course, another part of me was a little sad – I kept looking for a face I knew, but I found none.

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the anniversary post

September 23rd, 2008

or, alternatively, isang taon na po kami! mantakin niyo yan! 

let me start this entry with this: (basta gets mo na yan diba?) 

Kumusta? (how are you?)
Sana ay nasa mabuti ka ring kalagayan. (i hope you are doing well yourself.)
Kanina, naisip kita ulit. (you’ve been on my mind and i can’t seem to get you out of it.)
Naisip ko, ang swerte ko talaga nagkakilala tayo. (and i thought, i’m really lucky to have met you.)
Siguro, malakas lang ako sa Itaas. (maybe the Universe just loves me.)
Pero tuwing naalala kita (but everytime i remember you)
Napapangiti ako (i smile like silly)
Napapasubok sumayaw (i even attempt some dancing)
Kasi wala akong mapaglagyan ng ligaya pag kasama ka (because being with you makes me overflow with joy)
Ang ganda mo e. Hihi. (you’re beautiful. *smaller shy giggle*)
Lalo na pag nakikinig ka ng mga imbento kong kanta (especially while you’re listening to my made-up songs)
O pag pinapagalitan mo ako kapag sumisipol ako (or whenever you admonish me for my stubborn whistling)
Gusto ko ring laging naririnig ang tawa mo (I could listen to your laughter all day)
Lalo na habang pinanonood mo akong kunyari nagsasayaw (especially when you’re watching me try to move as if i were actually dancing.)
Masulyapan ka lang solb na araw ko. (just a glimpse of you, and that would already make my day.)
Alam mo naman siguro yun diba (but i guess you already know that, right?)
Gusto rin kita. (i like you back.)
Gustong-gustong-gusto. (i really really really do.)


yesterday, i gave her this URL: (salamat kay eliza sa pag-proofread hehe)


wow. was that the longest year or what? :)

maskom ka? ako rin!

September 23rd, 2008

news flash: the up college of mass communication’s alumni homecoming is set this saturday, sept. 27. (fyi i can’t go because of work BUT to make up for the absence i did make this nifty badge:)


proudly maskom


anyway, sir danny is inviting alumni-bloggers to blog about their maskom experience in time for the homecoming. for the rest of the badges and more about the up cmc online campaign, etc. check out sir danny’s post here.

ps. i’m from batch 2005 :) will be writing about maskom sometime within the week. :)