when i think of you :: a timeline

better days and getaways... every day's a holiday

the first intimate thing: i remember letting you in, letting you hold my hand, letting you see - an open palm, the future ahead. a future of us. the biggest step: made of old keyboard keys, my trusty glue. my sleepless nights summed up in 3 short words, a letter written at the back of an old vice, ribbon wrapped. how was i to know i was to embark in the greatest adventure of my life? that morning you cooked fantastic french toast; i remembered waking up to the most delicious smell: what lies ahead, the breakfasts to be had tomorrow, and the day after, the weeks, the months and the years following... hihi ♥ you taught me how to see things differently: in a manner prettier, more colorful and alive. sometimes, when i see hearts and birds and patterns, i almost hear them laughing.

a sequence of events

i met you in february, a couple or so years ago, online. i had stumbled upon your journal, a bright shiny thing. at that moment, though i may have not known it then, somewhere within the intricate cogs and screws of the Grand Design, a wheel had started turning.

if we were to look back to where it really began, maybe it was when i first dreamt of you before i even actually met you. we were standing in line for japanese food and you felt like bright purple. i dreamt that i had told you that i actually read your journal. in my dream you had smiled back.

(i should have known things were starting when i started feeling things in terms of colors.)

or maybe it was when you decided to wave at me, that day we were first introduced. turns out we had so many friends in common, and where else to better start than in the midst of familiar laughter and banter.

or maybe, to that night, about a year later, when you first held my hand and read it. fortune telling. yes that night must have been fortune, fated. also known as that night i had spent mostly watching you dance. or that night i may have told you how i really felt about you, but mostly in jest.

but as they say, from that day to that day a year ago, is more or less history -- a history made of early morning and late night messages, random greetings and poetry. of discovery.

and now that we have come this far, i cannot help but marvel at the journey - to where the 300 or so days have taken us, to what these days have taught us, to whom they had introduced us. to the changes they had brought upon us.

true, if i were to go back to the days before i made my way to you, this would have only been a dream, and a very faraway dream at that -- as i've said i did not know what the future held.

but looking at all this now - everything is just so real and you are here. what a wonderful, wonderful suprise.